We Are The Programming That Actually Works

Tap into a distributed global network of the highest-caliber programmers, working under our control

How It Works

We find and hire a distributed team of programmers

You specify what software needs to be created

The team builds it with the highest quality

ROI is high, you pay only for delivered code

Our project lifecyle is very iterative and incremental.

This approach is called Team as a Service™.

Media About Us


Watch this one-hour talk about XDSD, the unique management methodology we're using:


Quality of Code is Exceptional

It is the highest in the entire industry. We mean it. Check these open source Java repos yourself:

We strictly control quality in each pull request and merge only when the quality is above the acceptance threshold. We never compromise, that's why our code is awesome (full portfolio).

We organize the annual
Software Quality Award
for open source projects

Unlimited Pool of Talents

You work with unique skills for your unique needs. We love to work with this stack:

Java logo
Java, Groovy, Hadoop, AOP/AspectJ, JAX-RS, XML, XSLT, JUnit, Maven, Mockito
AWS logo
EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, SNS, SQS, CloudFront, SES
Database logo
PostgreSQL, H2, DynamoDB, MongoDB, SimpleDB
HTML5 logo
JavaScript, jQuery, SASS, AngularJS, node.js, HTML5, CSS3, PhantomJS, CasperJS
Git logo
GitHub, Rultor, Travis, Docker, Continuous Integration, Build Automation, TDD, Static Analysis

There is no office, all programmers work remotely, contracts-based only. Thanks to this model, you have the luxury of choosing from a vast talent market of only those professionals specifically required for your project.

Existing Customers Are Happy

Even though we are just one year old, we already have warm and positive testimonials:

Andre Buren
“ provides the strategic sourcing and subject matter expertise in a teaming environment, customizing their approach to fit the unique needs and culture of their customer rather than trying to force a rigid process onto an organization. The bottom line is that they help get to savings faster.”
Andre Buren
CTO & Tech Entrepreneur
Nicos Kekchidis
“Happy to mention as a reliable and consistent collaborator for our super ambitious startup. Initially somewhat counterintuitive, it was a novelty of guaranteeing predictable execution of sub tasks, that was continuously gauged against timeline and budgetary constraints, all in automated way, proved to be a secret sauce of our satisfaction.”
Nicos Kekchidis
CTO and Co-Founder,

Who We Are

We have been doing software development for many years

We incorporated in 2006